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There is value in losing

When I get the chance to be by myself and think, one of the things I enjoy doing is listening to music. Music is powerful. It can change the perception you have on your day, current situation, and life in general. One song I love to listen to is “My Everything” by Bri Babineaux. The lyrics

are as follows:

If I loss everything And didn’t have anything And you were the only thing

I still have everything

Those lyrics resonated in my heart because we get so caught up on everything we have lost. We get stuck in the grieving stages of the loss of relationships, jobs, material things, and possibly the death of love ones. I am not saying by any means that you can’t grieve the death of a love one. Please take your time and go through process. I talking about the loss of friendships and worldly possessions. We can’t be so consumed by what we no longer have that we ignore what we do have. There is reason for everything that happens in life. Maybe that relationship or job wasn’t conducive for growth. At times we hold onto things out of fear. The fear of the unknown and the discomfort one experience with change. Change can be difficult but it’s necessary. If we push past the pain of our current circumstances and focus on God, we will see that it’s purpose in pain. We just have to dig deep, which requires us to totally rely and seek God. We have to take a self examination and assess the value we place what and who we lost. We sometimes place more value on what we lost than who gave it to us in the first place. We can’t be codependent on people, places, or things to make us feel better about ourselves. We have to be wholeheartedly dependent on God. He is our source and our resource. He has showered us with grace and mecry. He has made a way in our life time and rime again. He is everything that we need; we have to trust and believe He is. His track record is evidence of His power. There are so many stories in the Bible that paints the picture plan as a testament to His power and glory. One popular book in the Bible, is the story of Job which illustrates the blessings one receives after a loss and the protection of God in the midst of it all.

When I reflect on my life, I have experienced some loses. People have walked away and material things have been taken away. I have gotten dumped and it hurts. I have had cars repossessed and a house foreclosed. The thing is I served an amazing God who has taken every bad situation to turn out for my good. To be honest, some bad situations I created. I have been in unhealthy relationships for the sake of just having someone. I have purchased things I couldn’t afford to impress people. It was all about self gratification. Once I began to live my life into the Lord, I began to see things differently. If I hadn’t loss I wouldn’t be able to appreciate the blesings I gained. God is the blessing and He is the blesser. Once I came to the knowledge of who He was and who I was in Him. I was able to understand and know He was all I need and all I could depend on. So trust God and know there is value in your loss.

Soulful Gem:

You have to lose in order to win.


Father, I thank you for all you have done and all you are doing in my life. I know I have lost some things and it hurts but help me to recognize your hand and trust you in the process. God prepare me for what you have in store for me to gain. Amen!

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