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The Power of Yes!

Have you ever heard a voice telling you to go tell someone something or to give them something? At first, you might be hesitant because you're not sure or you are unclear of what you are hearing. Then you question if it's God that you are hearing? Or maybe you are not sure how you will be received or perceive? The reality is that's doubt, which is a symptom of fear. The enemy wants you to walk around in fear. We can't operate in the spirit of fear because fear is not a characteristic of the One who created us. We were created in the image of God , which means we should mirror His attributes and be a reflection of all that He is composed of. Genesis 1 , so eloquently states how we were created in the image of God and we are to have dominion on earth.

As children of God, we must travel in His path and if he say go we must go. He is the instructor and He gives instruction for our life. Our task is to heed and to obey his commands. One thing I have learned on this journey is delayed obedience is still disobedience. If we want the fullness of the Father, we must align our lives with His will and submit to Him. Surrendering is an act of service and we were created to serve Him. When you do this you allow the power of the Lord to manifest in you. Let me be clear, submission doesn't equate to the absence of trials but to the presence of God with you through it all. He loves us so much that He extends grace and mercy to us daily and seeks to gain our attention to remind of us of just how much he does. So it is imperative that we get a "Yes, Lord" in our spirits. The amazing thing is God not only has a way of blessing us when we are obedient but our obedience can be a blessing to others. What do I mean? Your "Yes, Lord" is connected to someone else deliverance.

When I was growing up, I had a cousin who was heavily in church. She would make it her mission to invite any and everyone to attend worship service and if she had to come pick you up then that's just what she did. A lot of times, she had to travel out of her way. In reality, some might consider it being an inconvenience to pass up your church to travel cross town but God used it as a means to introduce Himself. She didn't mind be inconvenienced if it meant that we were being introduced to Him. Sometimes when you do what God says for you to do it might be uncomfortable but it is necessary. God desires a relationship with us. The truth is I attribute my walk with God to her and if you ask others in my family then they might say the same thing. She wasn't perfect and neither are any of us. We all are flawed. She was someone we looked up to as an example of a Christian. Therefore, we have to be careful how we live our life because we may be the only example someone sees. We can't live any kind of way and then try to evangelize and bring someone to Christ. The word of God has to be in us then it will flow from us and we will live it.

Noah in the bible was a faithful man who walked with God. God instructed him to build an ark. He said He was going to make it rain for 40 days and 40 nights. It took Noah about 100 years to build it and no one believed him. It doesn't matter what others say. All that matters is what God says and what He promised. The issue is sometimes we need confirmation in order trust Him and we have to see it with our own eyes. The truth is His word alone is confirming. We can't allow our vision to become blurred because of what we see or don't see. Just like the bible days, we today sometimes are unable to fully trust God concerning our storm because we need proof or a sign. The beauty of Noah's faith was he didn't need a sign or proof because the instruction given by God was enough. God is enough and we have to let that resonate in our spirit and we have to mediate on that daily. If He promises us something, then it will come to pass. God word will not come back to Him void. God did just what he promised to Noah and it rained. God then made a covenant with Noah and blessed Him and his family. Noah's "Yes, Lord", obedience, was his family's deliverance.

When it comes to this life we live, we must live everyday as unto the Lord. It doesn't matter what it looks like or how we feel, we have to position our life in total surrender to Him. We have to be sold out to God and be determined to walk with Him. When we function in this manner, the power of God is activated, which can permeate the spirit of anyone that is connected to us. The power of God delivers and obedience is the change agent. We have to be the change we want to see and it began with us living the word of God.

Soulful Gem:

Your obedience is connected to someone deliverance.


Lord, you are so merciful, loving, and patient. Father, I thank you for not handling me the way I have handled you. I ask for forgiveness. I realize delayed obedience is still disobedience. Help me live a life in surrender unto you and remind me that I might be the only example that someone sees. I pray I walk up right before you so others can see who you are and experience your power of deliverance. Amen!

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