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The Power of God's silence

Have you ever found yourself wanting to hear a word from God? You pray for direction and guidance and yet no answer. I remember when may daughter was younger she was really sick and we had plenty of trips to the hospital with overnight stays, tests, & procedures. With every test and procedure, there was never a concrete diagnosis. We would leave with no answers, more questions, medicines, and her symptoms became worse. It seems as though, the more I prayed the worse she became. My daughter looked to me for answers, which I couldn't provide. I looked to to God and He was silent. Then one day we were referred to a specialist and they found a mass. We prayed and the church prayed. Then on the day she went in for to have the mass removed the doctor was like there is no mass. Even though we couldn't get any clear answers or diagnosis, God still moved and touched her body. I had prayed that God would tell us what's wrong with my daughter but God revealed His healing power. My faith increased and my prayer life was strengthened. I have learned to trust Him even when I don't have all the answers. God is able to make a way in every and any situation we face.

We can't mistake the silence of God as a sign of the absence of God. God's is never silent because His word speaks and gives us direction. Also, God is omnipresent therefore, we can never escape Him. Psalm 139:7, "Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence?" In this scripture, David was expressing his sentiments concerning his relationship with God, the Creator of the universe who desires a deep relationship with those who He created, loves, and cares for. God's silence could merely be our inability and unwillingness at times to really hear Him or accept what he is saying. There is no concern that we have that doesn't concern Him. Even when we can't hear Him we have to trust Him and know He is there. During this time, we have to seek Him even more by prayer and studying the word. There are signs and wonders all around us. We have to see God through our spiritual eyes and listen with our spiritual ears. Just because He doesn't move in the way we would like for Him to doesn't mean he is not moving on our behalf. He knows what we need and what areas in our lives that needs growth. We can have confidence in His presence and trust that His silence is shaping and molding us.

Soulful Gems:

The silence of God is not the absence of God. God is with me always and He is listening.


Father, we thank you for your grace and mercy. We thank you for your presence and we trust in your word. Help me Lord, to be patient and wait on your direction. God open the eyes of my heart and let your Spirit fall fresh upon me so that I can hear from you. Amen!

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