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Mirror Mirror

At times it is easier to judge others than taking the time to do an self examination. When focus is shifted to someone else's faults, then the ability to see oneself become irrelevant. As children of God, we can't be so blinded by their mess that we can see our own. The good thing is the grace granted to us by God affords us the opportunity to do things differently. The Lord and Savior offers us the power to change. If we ourselves don't then we relinquish our power to do work on ourselves. The danger of not doing self work, is becoming a powerless church. The church is not a building but is the body of Christ. Therefore, you are the church! As the church, the outward work must be reflective of the inward work. Our behavior, the way we move, and how we think should be a reflection of what we believe. The words says, be ye transformed by the renewing of your minds. Your thoughts become planted in your heart, which produces your character. Ask yourself, how do I show up in the world. Someone is always watching and we have to be mindful that we're walking displays for God. Each everyday we must be a representative of God's love, which is demonstrated how we react and interact with people. People should know who's we are before they know who we are. There is a level of responsibility that is placed on all of our shoulders. This task should not be taken lightly. In order to see change, we have to be a reflection of change. The inward works transcends to the outer work which has greater power to impact change in us, our loved ones, our community, and the world.

Soul Gems: The outward work must be a reflection of the inward work. What's on the inside of us produces what is on the outside of us, which affects all aspects of our life.

Prayer: Father, I thank you. Even in times like this, you have still shown your grace, love, power, and faithfulness towards me and my family. I pray that in my everyday walk I am a reflection of you and your love. God I pray the same grace you extend to me I extend to others. Help me to be always conscious of my flaws and the areas of my life that you are still growing me through. I know nothing changes if nothing changes. So God, I am asking that you change me from the inside out. I thank you. I am asking all these things in Jesus name, AMEN!

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