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Inner-Me or the Enemy?

Have you ever wanted to go after something but decided not to at all? It wasn't because you were not qualified or you didn't have a chance but simply you talked yourself out of it. What's standing between your current situation and your blessing? You! Don’t stop God from blessing you. The truth is we are our own worst enemies. Part of the problem is we allow the negative experiences we have had dictate our efforts. Those bad things that have happen in the past is not an indication of our fate. Our past is behind us and everything is new. (2 Corinthians 5:17) The danger is we relive, replay, and repeat events in our mind that has caused us harm and interrupted our faith. If we operate in this frame of mind our spiritual and physical growth is hindered and our faith compromised. You can’t allow someone's words have you feeling worthless, undeserving, or intimated. The opinions of others at times has nothing to do with you but how they view themselves. Never lose confidence in you or God. You are God’s master piece. You have the strength to achieve any thing your heart desires. (Philippians 4:13) So, stop repeating negativity to yourself. Your whisper of negativity spoken to yourself is louder then the screams of negativity from others.

We must take charge of our lives under the direction and guidance of God. When we align our life in His will, we discover our purpose. He created us to win and no good thing will be withheld from us. (Psalms 84:11) It takes for us to get out of our own way. We have to rebuke the enemy even when the enemy is us. Often times its easy to blame things on the devil instead of taking responsibility ourselves. God gives us free will and it‘s for us to choose how we will handle the freedom and liberty gifted to us. We have the ability to shift our atmosphere by speaking words of affirmation and having positive thoughts; which produces positive outcomes and builds self confidence. Changing your thought patterns is essential in this walk of faith. Our thoughts can influence how a situation turns out. If you believe it will work out for your good, then it will work out for your good. You have to decide if you are going to be your own enemy. The only person who can stop you is you. So are you going stand in the way of your breakthrough and blessings?

Soul Gems:

Your whispers of negativity spoken to yourself is louder then the screams of negativity from others.


Father, you are Holy and worthy of all the glory. You are the head of my life and the foundation of my faith. Thank you for covering me and my family. Your grace and mercy you have granted me. I ask for you to guide and direct me. Lord, forgive me of getting in the way. I rebuke the enemy even when the enemy is me. God give me direction and order my step. Help me to see me as you see me. I ask for strength as I am on this journey. I will continue to give you all the praise. Amen!


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