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Hide & Seek

Today driving around neighborhoods, it is hard to determine which communities have children because kids prefer the comforts of their homes. They have the luxury of playing the latest technology. Growing up for me, we enjoyed the pleasures of the great outdoors, which was the most memorable time of my childhood. Hide and Seek was a game played before computers and the internet. The object of the game is to hide and not be found. The game is mastered when the seeker gives up because they were unable to locate who they were looking for. In comparing the game to our everyday life, there is a difference. The way it differs is, the one who seeks is searching for the place for covering. Also, giving up is not an option.

Spiritually, we are both the individual hiding and seeking. What do I mean? As a believer, we must secrete ourselves in God's word and to seek Him through prayer. In the word, Christ is revealed and when we pray a relationship is developed. The bible is evidence of who our Lord and Savior is and a witness of what we can become in Him. Therefore, secreting allows for us to be concealed with both His protection and shelter. In Psalms 46:1, the bible tells us that God is our shelter, He is our hiding place and it is imperative that we become a resident in His presence. How do you take residence? We live there by digesting in our hearts every word that the bible speaks and living a life that is reflective of it. There has to be intentional efforts on our parts to discover who God is. We get to know who He is when with spend time with Him. How can we get to know Him? We get acquainted when we communion with Him through prayer, which cultivate deep intimacy with Christ. Matthew 6:33, "But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you." We can inquiry with Him for direction concerning all matters of our life. He actually desires for us to consult Him. When we do this we get acquainted with Him and His voice. Our senses are heighten to the instructions given. As His children, we are afforded the opportunity to live a conscious life that is aware of His existence and dependent upon His guidance. Therefore, connecting with the Creator requires us to have one on one time with Him.

Soulful Gem: We must hide ourselves in the presence of God and seek Him for all matters concerning our life.

Prayer: Father, thank you for your grace and mercy. I come to you concerning all the matters concerning my life. Hide me in the shelter your arms. I want to dwell in your presence. God, I don't want to be anywhere your presence isn't. Guide me in the direction you desire for me to go. I thank you in advance. In Jesus name, Amen!

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