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Grace Under Fire

Have you ever found yourself surrounded by trials and troubles, where it seems as though you can't catch a break? Whenever you think you are moving forward, something knocks you back further than you were before. Then you being to question God, "Why, why me?" As a child of God, I was taught we shouldn't question Him. I have grown to believe we can question Him without questioning His character. Even Jesus questioned His Father on the cross. However, He didn't question who He was and trusted that what was taking place was a part of God's perfect will.

It can be difficult to hold onto faith when you are under siege. There is nowhere in the bible that says, when you have faith then there is an absence of fear. I truly think this is why God's word says, " you can have faith as a grain of a mustard seed," which grants the power to move mountains and uproot trees. Matt. 17:20, Luke 17:6. A little faith can catapult you to big breakthroughs. It doesn't take much to move God. However, when talking to Him you have to trust that He can and will deliver you in the midst of your storm. He uses the storms to make us stronger. Sometimes it is hard to understand when the deliverance isn't evident because it seems tribulations are consuming. The irony of Christ is He has a way of developing His children into who He created them to be all while the enemy dispatches fiery darts to try to destroy them.

In order to not be consumed by life's challenges, we must change the way we respond to them. It's hard not to have the propensity to fold under pressure and retreat when the threat is looming, especially if you already told yourself you were defeated. We must be careful what we tell ourselves because half the battle starts in the mind. The bible teaches us that warfare is spiritual instead of physical. It is imperative that we take our thoughts into captivity. 2 Corinthians 10:3-8. If we allow the enemy to control what we think, he can control our life.

To take control of our lives, we must renew our minds, pray, and live a life of submission. A renewed mind cultivates a space where God's grace restores our faith and gives us peace in the face of adversity. Prayer enables us to connect with Him and form a relationship, on which trust is built. In addition to a renewed mindset and reconnecting with Our Savior, we have to surrender to His will for our life. When we surrender, we stand on the word that gives proof of who Christ is and His power. Surrendering to God opens our hearts to receive His direction so that we can operate in obedience. Therefore, we can have grace under pressure.

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