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Full and Unfulfilled

Did you grow up during the time where you were made to eat everything off of your plate? Growing up, when someone cooked we had to eat everything even if we didn't like it. Not sure if it was considered disrespectful because the person feasting neglect to acknowledge the time and preparation it might have taken or the sacrifice that could have been made in order for the meal to be on the table. While raising my children, I didn't make them eat the entire serving for dinner. Instead, I would give them the option to eat what was before them or go to bed hungry. Some might view this is a little harsh. The truth is they were introduced to a choice to make. The food was sustenance that was both the remedy to combat them being hungry and provide protein for their growth. This is exactly who God is and what His word does for us. God is our remedy and His written word is our sustenance. We are extended grace in the decision making process. He doesn't force His will upon us.

On this journey, we are given the option to live a life for God in His will or to wonder aimlessly thirsting after the things of this world to fill us. Proverbs 27:7 reads, "One who is full loathes honey from the comb, but to the hungry even what is bitter tastes sweet." A individual that is consumed with their own selfish pleasures and desires refute the blessings offered through the word of the Lord. In the bible, Proverbs 16:24 refers to the word of God as a honeycomb, which fuels the soul and heals the body. It is not only essential for our spirit man but our fleshly man as well. Hungering after the things of our Savior allows us to see His goodness in every season of our lives. When you are seeking satisfaction in God, even when there is barely enough it is more than enough. Contentment can be found in Him, which is afforded by His grace and mercy. Therefore, we have to be careful what we thirst for. If it is not of God we can choke on the very thing we are trying to partake of. Something can be filling but still leave us feeling unfulfilled. Focusing on edifying the flesh in the moment is a substitute made between destiny and temporal gratification. Its a shame to forfeit the inheritance and blessing of God.

Our total dependency should be upon the Lord. He has prepared a table for us. Also, He gives us the chance to make a choice if we want to take a seat at His table. It is awarded by the ultimate sacrifice made through His Son Jesus Christ. He advocated on our behalf that gives this privilege. Operating in privilege must be done carefully so that the quest to get full doesn't lead to emptiness.

Soulful Gem: Don't exchange your permanent seat at God's table for temporary comfort. Hungering after the thing of God is fulfilling.

Prayer: Father God, I thank you for all you have done in my life. You are so full of grace and mercy and I am grateful. You have kept me and protected me even when the choices I have made were contrary to who your are and the word I profess to believe in. God, I ask that you forgive me. I pray you teach me how to thirst after the things of You. I know only those things will last. Keep me in your will. I will continue to trust you and stand on your word. I ask it all in your Son, Jesus name. Amen!

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