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Elevation requires Separation

The climate of the world today, is filled with panic, fear, and uncertainty. Simple errands to the grocery store, is quickly greeted with anxiety of the long lines and barely stocked shelves due to the COVID-19 influenced hoarders. Finger pointing of what caused the virus and the response of the leaders and citizens to help combat the spread of the illness. The practice social distancing and being quarantine is the remedy to slow the spread of disease. Therefore, restaurants, bars, clubs, schools, churches are closed. Also, some jobs have transitions to telecommuting to provide flexibility for their workforce.

In the book of Leviticus 13, there was a infectious skin disease that was plaguing the people of God. God spoke to Moses and Aaron and provided them with the symptoms to look out for to identify who was possibility infected. Once someone starts to show signs, then had to go to the priest. If the priest examined and determined a person was sick, then they were quarantined for 7 days. Also, their garments were burned because it touched their skin. After, separation then the priest would reexamine to determine if that person was clean. Therefore, confinement was necessary for their deliverance of themselves and others.

How can you keep your faith when trying to stay spiritually connected while being socially distant? Pray, pray again, and pray some more. Prayer spiritually connects us to God and increases our faith in His word. This is the time to be totally depend on God and trust His word. In this hour one can't turn from Christ and doubt his teachings. The opportunity presented for the body of Christ is to stand up and shine in dark times as these. Standing and not wavering can be challenging due to what could be happening or what you see. The focus has to shift to God and not the situation. When the emphasis is placed on Him then dependency on Him because a necessity. Reliance on Christ is imperative to the elevation of your relationship with God. Sometimes, He puts us in a place of separation and isolation so that we can spend time with Him and learn to trust Him. Some of us need to be separated because there are no distractions and no hindrances. We can hear Him better when we have no other choice but to listen to His word and heed to His direction. He then provide spiritual clarity and uncover the areas of our life that needs His attention. Christ not only will show us ourselves but we also discover Him. The amazing thing is our Lord and Savior continues to reveal His power, grace, mercy and love, Therefore, isolation can be uncomfortable yet a must if you want to grow and flourish.

Soulful Gems: You can be spiritually connected and socially distant when you your dependency on God is your necessity.

Prayer: Father, I thank you for granting me and my family grace and mercy. You have showed your power and love towards us. I am grateful for your protection. Even in these trying times when the world is practicing social distancing, your love binds us together. God we ask that you keep us spiritually connected to you and your word. I ask for a special blessing upon the leaders, heath care staff, police, store workers, and everyone that is working so that me and my family can stay safe. I pray for this world and all that has been directly affected by the virus. I pray for totally healing for those infected. I ask it all in Your Son Jesus name, AMEN!

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