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Cursed or Conscious Choice?

How much of our own dysfunction is caused by our poor decision making rather than the result of what has been passed down through generations? Naturally, dysfunction can be introduced and can become a lifestyle but is it a generational curse or more of a generational choice. The bible speaks of this punishment from generations to generations, which is the theory of generational curses. "Sour grapes eaten by parents leave a sour taste in the mouths of their children," (Ezekiel 20:2 CEV). The grapes represent sin committed by a parent that have residual effects upon their children. The truth is our actions not only damage who we are but also our love ones. Trauma has the power to transcend through generations. Those things can be so deep rooted that it sterilizes hopes and dreams of a whole lineage. As much as one believe in generational curses, then one must also believe in generational choices. By no means am I diminishing pain and hurt that might have plagued a family. The reality is no one is exempt from it. We all have things that we will have to face, which leads to decisions that have to be made. The question is, "What decision will you make?" Fortunately we are graced with the gift of free will, which was given by God. We are free to make up our own minds. Therefore, all the power is in the hands of the decision maker. Christ doesn't impose himself upon us to serve Him, He leaves that to us. Therefore, we have the responsibility of making choices that impacts our life. We are accountable for our own actions. Accountability can't be evaded. We are the sum total of our life experiences but the most important thing is what we do with those experiences and how we allow it to mold our lives.

For me , like many others I didn't have the ideal childhood. Both of my parents were drug addicts and as a result I lived with several family members growing up. I didn't know what it was like to have stability. I lived in the shadows of my parents addiction and have had to deal with the effects of it. I made the conscious choice to not allow their struggles to became my demise. I could have easily become victim to my circumstances but I chose another path. I knew if I wanted something other than what I was accustomed to, then I had to become something other than what I knew. It all begins with you. It is true our past has the ability to shape us but the power is ours to determine how we are shaped. Curses can penetrate a family generationally but the power to stop it lies with the decision maker. So choose to manifest generational blessings by making the choice to be the breaker of generational curses.

Soulful Gems:

We can manifest blessings generationally by choosing to be the curse breaker. The power is in the hands of the decision maker.


Heavenly Father, thank you for all you have done for me and my family. Thank you for your grace and mercy which has sustained me. Lord I ask that you give me the strength and courage to make the right decisions. Even when the road leads to a path that I don't know of anyone who has traveled. Today, I choose to be the curse breaker. I refuse to pass down hurt and pain to others. I speak generational blessings over my family, friends, my life. I trust that you will guide,direct, and protect me. I know you are a God of love and I know you love me. I know everything will work out for my good. Lord, I love you and I am asking this all in your Son Jesus name, Amen!!!

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