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Broken Crayons Still Color

Have you ever discarded something because of its appearance? Or due to its condition you deemed it useless despite it still being functional? My grandson started school this year and he have been learning to write. One of the utensils he writes with frequently are crayons. He prefers it over pencils presumably because he can grip it with his little hands better and not to mention he loves the colors. The only problem is that they sometimes breaks, which is frustrating. No matter how frustrated he gets he still has the ability to still use the broken pieces to color. Just like the crayon, we may have come in contact with someone or something that has broken us. Damaged doesn't equate to useless. Jeremiah 18: 4 reads, "And the vessel that he made of clay was marred in the hand of the potter; so he made it again into another vessel and it seemed good to the potter to make." In this verse, the clay was described as marred, meaning it was damaged or less perfect. The bibles speaks of God being a potter and we are the clay. The beauty of God he can take imperfect beings and create a masterpiece. There is purpose for us all because we are a vessel for Christ. Even in our flawed state, we can function in the capacity in which we were created.

It is essential that brokenness is not used to be the defining factor of who we are. It is not our identity. We must reaffirm ourselves of what the word of God says about His children and be reassured of His love. Reassurance comes with submission. In order to submit, we have to surrender to the will of God. When this takes place we are able to rest in his hands, where He shapes and molds us for His use. Our purpose is not disqualified by our flaws and short comings. The master creator has the power to take our mess and produce something beautiful. We were built to carry out the promise in which the Lord has destined for us. In Romans 8:28-31 it states that God will use everything we been through to make us better because we were predestined and called by Him. Therefore, we can't allow our past transgressions persuade us into believing we have no valve.

Soulful Gem: Broken crayon can still color. Brokenness doesn't mean useless.

Prayer: Dear God, thank you for your unwavering love and your tender mercies. You have been so good and gracious towards me and my family. Thanks you for still seeing purpose in me even in my marred state. I pray you use me as your vessel and I surrender to you. Help me to see me through your eyes. I pray I don't allow my short comings to persuade me into beveling I have no value or purpose. I ask it all in your darling Son Jesus name, AMEN!

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