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Attachments vs Assignments

I woke up this morning singing, “Everything attached to me WINS.” So I prayed and start speaking over my family and declaring that they are blessed. Then when I was done, in my spirit I started questioning the difference between attachments and assignments. About a couple of months ago, this is something I was seeking clarity on and it came back in my spirit.

There is a difference between attachments and assignments. Sometimes people can attach themselves to you to get something from you but never pour into you, which forms an attachment. Also, attachments have a element of being self centered, that it’s self serving. In addition, attachments can be a reflections of your brokenness and cause you to become distracted. Therefore, it impedes on your healing and growth.

However, assignments pour into you and the connection is purposeful. Assignments are God centered, which helps you serve others. Assignments is a testament of your destiny and purpose. Assignments keep you focused and in alignment with God’s will for your life. Therefore, assignments promotes growth and healing.

It is essential that we know the difference between attachments and assignments. Attachments don’t always have good intentions. Assignments are beneficial and intended for our good. Therefore, everything attached to you, you don’t want to win. In contrast, assignments enables you to walk into your WINNING season.

Soulful Gems: Assignments are befitting for the glory of God, which keeps you in alignment with your purpose and destiny.

Prayer: God I thank you! I pray I am able to discern when things are attachments and assignments. Help me to make God centered connections. I asked it all in your name, Jesus. Amen!

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