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Anointed & Afflicted

Sometimes assumptions are made about a person based on what they are going through. As if struggle is the result of something they have done or as a sign of them not having a relationship with God. Suffering isn't an indication that one hasn't given their life to Christ. Truth is, we all will go through things and become familiar with pain and trials. There is a reason for every experience, the good, the bad, and the ugly. We will either become better or bitter because what we been through. The mere fact that someone is called by God doesn't exempt them from the frustrations of life but it does signify who He is in their life. The word of God prepares and strengthens. When you are a child of God there is reassurance that every situation in life will come together for your benefit as stated in Romans 8:28. The Lord is all powerful and all knowing. He loves us and cares for the well being of His children. There is a purpose for each and everyone of us. Our response to issues reflects our trust in Christ. Can you worship wounded?

A popular story in the bible is the book of Job. He was blameless and upright in the eyes of God. He avoided doing evil. He lived his life in worship to God. In addition to having good character, he was wealthy. Job had it all. Until one day, the Lord allowed satan to take everything from him. He took his family, money, and his health. The devil attacked his status but God protected his soul. The enemy will try to destroy us by attacking our finances, loved ones, and even sickness. He attempts to use it all as methods to get people to turn from the Savior. Job friends assumed he must have done something terrible in the sight of Lord. Everyone was telling him to just curse God and die. They didn't know what he was going through was result of a conversation between God and satan. They were not aware of God bragging on Job and He gave permission to the devil to afflict him. God was confident that Job wouldn't let anything change him or his beliefs. He stayed true to who he was and what he believed. The Lord and Savior restored Job totally and blessed him greater than before. We have to be careful that we don't allow our circumstances deter us from believing in God. Every situation comes to strengthen our faith. What we face could be because God bragging on us, which gives a different perspective when dealing with affliction. Therefore, we must stand firm in His word and trust Him. In order to adhere to His word, one must live it. We live it by totally surrendering to Him.

Surrendering to God allows for Him to have total control of our lives. The way we think, respond, and our being is a result of what we believe in. In order for Him to have control we have to relinquish the power we have over things in our life. He can only control what he has access to, which He desires full access to every area of us. Access is granted when we begin to live our life in worship. Worship is not only something you do at church during service but it is a lifestyle. Its praying, giving, confessing of sins, and its a declaration of our identity. It is a way to draw closer to God and its essential for spiritual growth. No matter what we go through or been through, that doesn't negate the calling on our life. Just because we are anointed doesn't mean we won't experience affliction. The Lord uses everything to make us stronger and wiser. There is purpose and a plan for everything. Therefore, we can worship wounded.

Soulful Gems:

We are not exempt from trials because we are called by God. Remember, trouble don't last always and we will come through stronger than we were before.


Father, we thank you for your many blessings. You have shown yourself merciful, loving, and powerful time and time again in our lives. It doesn't matter what our eyes see or what our ears have heard, we know you are still in control. We will not doubt you or your word because what we are facing. We will continue to live our life in worship. We know you have the power to heal and deliver. We pray for deliverance and peace as we go through this trying time. In every season, you get the glory God. Therefore, we thank you and praise you. In Jesus name, AMEN!

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