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Access Denied

Affirmation/Quote: I am a Masterpiece who has mastered HER PEACE.

Are you the one everyone comes to for advice, help, comfort, or a place where they can vent? Or are you a dumping ground for other people's mess? I had to grow through some things because I wanted to be there for my family and friends when there was a need. In doing so, it fed my need for validation. When people came to me it made me feel like I had value and I mattered. Unfortunately, my quests for validation came at the detriment of my peace. I began walking around carrying a load of problems and issues there were never assigned to me. If you are not careful, you can find yourself worrying about someone else's stuff more than they do.

We have to stop being the dumping ground for other people's mess. It isn't anything wrong with being compassionate for others, having sound advice, and having a willing ear to listen. However, there is something wrong when you don't create healthy boundaries. Boundaries are a form of self-care. Besides, everyone doesn't want advice, they just want to relieve themselves of their burdens. Even before they came to you, they knew they had no intention of taking your advice or even really wanting their situation to change. Sometimes it is better to mind your business and always protect your peace.

It is essential for your peace of mind that you monitor or limit the access granted to you. It's okay to say "No". I never understood the power "No" could have because of some childhood traumas. "You can read all about it in my next book". Therefore, walk in your power and protect your peace, which is the key to reclaiming who you are. So, decree and declare, " I AM minding my business and protecting my peace".

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