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I am someone who has wrestled in faith and struggled to find purpose, even as a child of God.  I have experienced some traumatic things, which caused internal conflict.  Although these traumas have been some of the hardest moments in my life, it also has been what God used to develop me. I have learned that because I am a believer that doesn't exempt me from trials.  As long as I remain in His hands, everything I face is used to build my character.  I don't always make the right decisions, but I still am a woman after God's heart.  I am an imperfect being full of flaws, yet fearfully and wonderfully made, which is what the Bible teaches.  In the word, I find encouragement for troubled times and guidance for life's journey. 


As I take the time to discover more of who God is, He reveals to me who I am in Him.  I am victorious, an overcomer that is loved by Him.  It doesn't matter where I find myself, God wraps His arms around me through the scriptures.  He grants grace and mercy daily.  Therefore, I am totally motivated to keep seeking and learning more about the Creator.  The amazing thing is even when I wasn't seeking Him, He was chasing me.  Looking back over my life, I see traces and evidence of His presence. I wouldn't know where I would be without Him.  As I am learning to be totally dependent on Him, He continuously shapes, molds, and forms me. 


Prayerfully, readers will find truth, peace, and feel His love as the words from this blog is embraced.  Life is journey and the word is our road map.  Therefore, as I share God's heart, I hope people are encouraged to seek Him for themselves.  

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