I am Lakeshia McMillan-Holman, the creator and writer behind the blog.  I am a wife, mother and a grand mother "YaYa".      I enjoy quality time with my family and I love creating memories with them.      Just like spending time with my family is important to me, so is having quality time with God.        The amazing thing is God desires a relationship with us  as well.        His love for us is  so  great and   He  grants us grace   and mercy daily.       I didn't grow up going to church every Sunday.    I knew of God but I didn't know Him.    The amazing thing is even when I wasn't seeking Him, He was chasing me.

     When I was in my early twenties I began attending church regularly  and learning more about the Creator.    I learned of His love and witnessed  His power. The more I attended church,  studied his word, and prayed my relationship with Him grew.        I was awaken to  the beauty of who He was and understand whose and who I was in Him.      I am the daughter of the King.     I am totally dependent  on Him and I desire for His will to be done in my life as well as others.    He has changed my life and He is continually  shaping, molding, and forming me everyday.

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